Establishing A New Meeting


The GOD, SCIENCE, FOOD  requires that each GSF meeting register with the GSF Organizational Committee. In order to register, a meeting must agree to the GSF organizational committee-approved requirements and standards that define a GSF. The Meeting Requirements and Standards are listed below. 

Only those meetings that comply with the Meeting Requirements and Standards may be registered with GSF Organizational Committee, Inc.  All new meetings will be asked to comply upon initial registration. All existing meetings may be asked to reregister periodically. 

1. As a group, the members meet to practice the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of GSF. 

2. All who have a desire to stop abusing themselves with food are welcome. 

3. The meeting format must contain the following: 

  • The GSF 7 Key Success Components
  • The Definition of Abstinence: Weighed and measured meals with nothing in between, no flour, no sugar, and the avoidance of any individual binge foods.  
  • Demonstrated Sugar/ Flour and Excess Quantities Addictive behavior Definition

Demonstrations of Sugar/Flour and Excess Quantities addictive behavior appears to negatively impact the mind, body, and spirit. It appears relentless and many have believed there is no cure. However, there is freedom from these demonstrations, yet they must be arrested a day at a time and this healing continues to strengthen and restore us. 

“If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31, 32

“If the son has set you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

We gain the sure and freeing truth as we learn and apply the truth about:

o What Spirit is, and what governs being on a spiritual level.

o The mechanics and dynamics of the operation of our human mind. 

o The Physiology of our human body and what maintains it.

o What constitutes and does not constitute nutrition.

o How to manage functional relationships with others.

o What the “now” experience is and how to comfortably and powerfully live in it.

o Enlarging our concept of self to include the wellbeing of others.

Sugar/Flour and Excess Quantities addiction is characterized by the propensity we have demonstrated by using it as a drug. Meaning any use of sugar/flour and excess quantities to soothe emotions, calm fear, settle anger, celebrate joy, or excitement is using it the substance as a drug. As well, when we use it for these herein cited experiences we are stepping away from using food for nutrition and therefore, inappropriately. As well, when we turn to these substances to rescue us from our emotions, or in other words, allowing the substance to serve as our “savior” we are breaking the first commandment – “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me.” Exodus 20:3. When we do such we place ourselves outside of divine protection and vulnerable to any ill effect, to include but not limited to disease, death and disharmony.

There are varying levels of addiction manifestations. The spectrum of these manifestations range from casual and random controlled use of these substances, to a wanton reckless inability to arrest this use. But we are not deceived, we are aware of the truth that any manifestation of addiction from the most benign to the most malignant is demonstrating ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR.

This addiction may manifest in obesity, anorexia, bulimia, a few extra pounds required to manage a healthy structure or even a few less pounds required to manage a healthy structure. The protocol for EVERYONE no matter where they fall on the spectrum is the same. This protocol is outlined as the following:

o Acquiring and maintaining a firm grasp of what constitutes Truth and Reality

o Removing every chemical substance that promotes the addictive cravings

o Establishing a sustainable nutrition plan

o Establishing a sustainable nutritional routine

o Establishing and maintaining wholesome relationship/communication boundaries with others

o Establishing a community of like-minded fellows on this same path to success

o Rendering ourselves available to help others find freedom from addiction through the stories and our model of success.

o GSF is based on biblical wisdom, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous as far as they are compliant with biblical scripture. 


  • The requirement that only members of the fellowship with 180 days or more of continuous abstinence in GSF, who are certified as a GSF sponsor may serve as an official GSF sponsor. 
  • Only the GSF Approach to Recovery may be promoted at GSF meetings. However, members from other meetings are invited to share their strength hope and recovery as it relates to the restructuring their thought regarding the proper use of food for nutrition only.

Any member who accepts  and agrees to comply with the principles and guidelines as established by the GSF Organizational Committee who desires to vote or hold a service position may do so.  The GSF Preamble, “How it Works (as adapted by GSF),” the Promises of the Program (as adapted by GSF), the GSF Tools of Recovery, welcoming newcomers and identifying available sponsors, are  standards to be observed at every GSF meeting.  

4. Each meeting must also comply with the following standards in order to register as a GSF meeting: Meetings shall meet for 60 to 90 minutes, in person, via live telephone conference or via live internet conference. The live face to face meetings must be in a public facility. The chairs may be set up in rows facing the front of the room, or in a circle and set up chairs. 

No food plan may be distributed as an approved meeting document. Each individual sponsor may, of course, share food plans with sponsees as a component of the complete GSF program of recovery. 

Only GSF organization-approved literature and materials may be offered for sale at GSF meetings. Any related materials that are not contrary to the GSF premise may be distributed or read at an GSF meeting for the purpose of providing strength, hope and recovery. 

5. The following service positions must be filled: Organizational Committee Contact and a Web & Directory Contact.

The GSF Organizational Committee Board strongly suggests there be at least two members with three (3) or more months of continuous GSF abstinence in order to start a new meeting.  As well, the meeting must have GSF Certified Sponsors available to sponsor newcomers.  The GSF Sponsor does not necessarily have to attend the new meeting just be available as a sponsor.

Registering a New Meeting. 

Meetings are registered by the new meeting’s Web & Directory Contact on the “New Meeting Request” page of GSF’s website: Once your request is submitted and your meeting found compliant to GSF terms and conditions, your meeting will be added to the meeting directory on the website.