What Kind of Disputes Does GSF Resolve?

GSF productively addresses all contention that may surface.  To include:

  • Member vs. Member
  • Member vs. Sponsor
  • Member vs. Organization
  • Vendors vs. Organization
  • Etc.

What is the GSF Dispute Resolution Process?

  1. It is required that all concerns be funneled through the member's sponsor.  At no point is it suggested that the member face their perceived offender directly. Where there is a conflict of interest and it is not suitable for the sponsor to address the issue, another certified GSF sponsor can be approached.
  2. The appointed certified GSF sponsor contacts the other member's sponsor and presents the issue.
  3. If the issue is not resolvable at that level, the two sponsors and their respective sponsees meet to discuss the situation face to face, wherever possible.
  4. The members are facilitated to derive their own resolution to their dispute.
  5. When the members do achieve a resolution, the settlement agreement is filed with the GSF Organizational Office and a copy of the agreement is retained by the parties to the dispute.
  6. When the members are unable to achieve a resolution on their own, the issues are anonymously presented to a committee of randomly selected GSF members who are not vested in the dispute.  This committee diligently references the GSF principles and policies as well as biblical wisdom that might apply and vote by secret ballot on the resolution options presented.
  7. All decisions made by the committee are final.  The committee may not ever derive a resolution that is contrary to the GSF principles and policies for any reason.
  8. Any disputes that involve actual threats of physical harm are immediately reported to law enforcement officials.
  9. To be clear, the GSF dispute resolution process does not prohibit anyone from seeking legal assistance to resolve their issues with others in the group at any point they deem it prudent.