What Is A GSF Certified Sponsor?

A GSF Certified Sponsor is a member of GSF with 6 months of back to back abstinence from sugar/ flour and excess quantities.  As well, the GSF  Sponsor Candidate has successfully completed a free Online GSF Sponsor Training Course.  This course covers the basic important particulars involved in serving in the capacity of a Sponsor in GSF'S FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROTOCOL.  These particulars include:

  • Scope of Practice
  • Ethics
  • Laws and Regulations Impacting the Sponsor/ Sponsee Relationship
  • Communication Skill Building
  • Dynamics that tend to occur in the Sponsor/ Sponsee Relationship
  • Boundary Establishment
  • GSF Principles and Policies
  • The Dispute Resolution Process

All candidates are required to achieve a score of 90% or better on the written GSF Sponsor Certification Test. When this is achieved the GSF Sponsor receives a Certificate of Successful Completion and is available for GSF Sponsorship engagement.

Why Does GSF Require Sponsor Certification Training?

Typically, individuals who seek support for addiction issues such as for food related issues can be very fragile emotionally and mentally.  It is important that this delicate state not be be exacerbated by an inappropriate lay person who is either innocently ignorant, neglectful, or intentionally and maliciously assaulting.  

As well, it is important to clearly lay out the boundaries of sponsorship practice to be sure that this does not cross the lines of sanctioned and licensed professional practices, such as psychology, law, medicine, etc.

The GSF Sponsor Certification Training also ensures quality control in the GSF Brand of Support.

How Does A Person Register For GSF Sponsor Certification Training?

When classes open, they are announced at meetings.  When classes open candidates may register on this site. Anyone regardless of time in the program may register for the GSF Sponsor Certification Training.  As well, there is no abstinence requirement to participate in the training. However, in order to actually serve as a GSF Certified Sponsor the candidate must have completed 6 months of back to back abstinence from sugar/ flour and excess quantities and be working with a GSF Certified Sponsor.