Who Is God, Science, Food For?

The God, Science, Food Protocol is for everyone and anyone who desires to be free from the cravings and temptations that lure them into unhealthy eating practices. While the Protocol is grounded on biblical wisdom it welcomes people of all faiths to participate.  In the God, Science, Food Protocol reference is made to the Bible, God, Jesus and other people and events found therein.  God, Science, Food does not censor any expressions of anyone's faith. Yet, we make no secret of that which is the power that undergirds the success we have achieved in this protocol. The protocol is also for those Christians that have been struggling with achieving the healing of these issues via their traditional religious practices.  GSF does not seek to replace anyone's cherished faith, it simply offers a different perspective of how to apply these scriptural truths more immediately and effectively.

What Is The God Science, Food Protocol?

The God, Science, Food Protocol is not affiliated with any specific religious denomination.  It is however grounded on biblical wisdom.  As well, GSF is not a 12 Step Program, per se. 12 Step Programs offer a powerful blueprint for the structure of programs designed to support people with food related issues. GSF only utilizes those features of the 12 Step Programs that are congruent with biblical scripture and found beneficial for group structure.

What Does The God, Science, Food Protocol Cost?

There are two things a participant must pay to access the effective and enduring healing available through GSF.  They  are that they must:

1. Pay Attention - Bring an open mind. Actively listen to the principles and protocols being offered.

2. Pay It Forward- Be willing to share their successful experience, when they actually experience, it with others at no charge to them as it is being shared.

What Materials Are Needed to Follow the GSF Protocol?

There are no required materials.  It is likely one can benefit by just tuning in to the meetings.  In the event a person would like to dive in and make some real progress, the following books and resources are suggested:

- The Holy Bible (Any Version)

- The Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

- The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholic's Anonymous

- The Food Addicts in Recovery Book

- The 24 Hours A Day (little black book)

- The Documentary "Fed Up" Produced by Katie Couric

- The Book God, Science, Food Written by  Linda D' Nise

How Is GSF Different From Other Weight Management Support Groups?

GSF focuses on the divinely natural process to restructure the thoughts that have mutated from the original God design and has tended to cause unhealthy appetites.  These unhealthy appetites have often warped the body into a breeding ground for debilitating and deadly diseases.  These diseases are often manifest as mental as well as physical illnesses. Together these profound perspectives, the divine and the scientific observation, provide powerful foundations on which mental and physical health can achieve immediate, effective and enduring healing. This healing comes with no high price tag or negative side effects.  As well, the discipline achieved in this approach does not include the stress and frustration of willpower.  It is a natural time honored process to restore one to their original perfect design.  

The GSF approach does not require the individual embarking on this journey to demonstrate "holy" behavior. Neither does it require anyone to adhere to any specific moral codes of conduct except those established and enforceable by federal, state of local statutes.

GSF maintains a dispute resolution process to systematically manage issues practically and effectively.  This process is founded on a clear fixed standard absent of fickle opinions and political lobbying among group participants.

GSF invites all to attend meetings and to participate in its protocol.  This includes those who are current and/or former members of other food related groups.  It also includes those who have no experience with any food related programs.  

Competition is highly discouraged as each journey is an individual trek with God and the pace at which one achieves healing and the level one considers themselves to have achieved healing is a private and personal deliberation.

GSF sponsors must have achieved 180 days (6 months) of back to back abstinence from sugar/ flour and excess quantities AND have successfully completed GSF Sponsor Certification Training. GSF Sponsor Certification Training is a free weekly 1 to 2 hour course.  This course assures that those who are trusted to serve as sponsors are knowledgeable of the ethics, communication approach, and protocol guidelines.  This training provides the highest potential of mental, physical and spiritual safety for all.

GSF is open to all food plans that avoid sugar molecule in any form outside of the daily recommended allotment.  This form includes, real, natural, organic, artificial sweeteners, processed grains, a.k.a. flour.  

The food plans that GSF is open to includes but is not limited to:

  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • vegetarianism
  • veganism
  • organic only
  • liquids only
  • raw foods only

As long as the food plan selected provides the daily allotment of nutrition scientifically established to sustain the human body perpetually.  GSF does not endorse:

  • short term cleansing diets,
  • fad diets
  • blitz diets
  • fasts
  • diets that include "cheat days".
  • diets that endorse sugar and flour products in moderation (if the sugar and flour to be consumed is outside of the scientifically recommended daily allotment.)

GSF allows each member/participant to determine their own desire for anonymity.  The GSF protocol includes a televised broadcast feature as well as closed meetings.  The purpose of the televised broadast meetings is to reach a larger segment of the population suffering from food related issues.

GSF, as stated earlier is not a 12 Step Program.  GSF does make reference to some of the features of the 12 Step Programs, where it appears they are beneficial and directly compliant with biblical scripture.

While GSF invites everyone to participate, GSF may not be for everyone at this time.  Those who simply want to lose weight for a specific event or purpose and are not seeking a perpetual, healthy lifestyle change would not be good candidates for this free and effective program.

How is GSF Funded?

GSF accepts donations from participants and/or members of the group.  Funds collected serve to maintain and grow the GSF Organization. 

The televised broadcasts, GSF solicits and accepts advertising sponsors who are sympathetic to our cause AND make no demands whatsoever to modify any of the GSF principles or policies.



God, Science, Food's primary focus is providing the participant with a protocol that has been proven to demonstrate successful achievement and enduring sustainment of a right-sized mind and body.  The foundation of what comprises the protocol of any food plan GSF supports is, whatever food product a participant consumes be absent of all sugar molecules in dangerous amounts in whatever form the sugar molecules manifest.  Such as but not limited to:

  1. White/ Brown/ Raw or any other form of the sugarcane plant.
  2. Corn Syrup
  3. Flour - Whole Wheat/Brown or White Rice/Corn/Nut flours
  4. Honey
  5. Agave Nectar
  6.  Stevia
  7. Sucralose
  8. Aspartame
  9. Natural Maple Syrup or other sweet Sap
  10. Alcohol based sweeteners

These items can be consumed if their saturation in a product meets the minimum standards that don't jeopardize the dopamine levels in a person's system, whereby it could in any measure initiate or exacerbate cravings.

Also as there is some amount of the sugar molecule in every food product. Even broccoli or lettuce. Therefore, the GSF protocol involves the weighing and measuring of all food consumed to assure that oversaturation of the sugar molecule does not occur.


As people have individual sensitivities to certain foods that are even acceptable GSF nutrition choices, it is reckless to establish a one size fits all food plan.  Certain particulars need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  1. Lactose Intolerance
  2. Diabetes
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Hashimoto's Disease
  5. Gluten Intolerance
  6. Soy Intolerance
  7. Vegan Lifestyle
  8. Vegetarian Lifestyle
  9. And more..

GSF supports these special needs as long as:

  1.  the food plan does not involve dangerous  sugar molecule oversaturation
  2. the food plan respects the GSF nutrition schedule of 3 meals a day with nothing in between
  3. All food consumed is weighed and measured,
  4. And the plan is not a temporary or a sporadic effort.


The miracle is not in the food, the miracle is in the consistency of proper, satisfying nutrition.  GSF addresses the problems that tend to beset virtually everyone attempting to take this journey to a right-sized body and mind. GSF's approach to weight management by addressing it as the substance abuse issue it really is, is primarily what makes this the best way to lose weight.  It is also, largely responsible for not only our participant's success with weight loss, but also the fact that they tend to have longer enduring maintenance of their right-sized body, once it is achieved.

GSF Certified Sponsors Offer Food Plans To Their Sponsees That Worked For Them.

Even when the GSF Certified Sponsors offer their food plan to their Sponsees, One-on-One, it is suggested that the Sponsee have their medical professional review the plan to assure it is conducive to the Sponsee's personal physiology.



GSF references biblical spiritual wisdom, testimonies, analogies, Proverbs, Psalms and other texts that support the mental/spiritual journey to achieving freedom from demonstrations of sugar/flour and excess quantities addiction.

Using the Bible as profound lens with which to focus on the issue of addiction, powerful and practical approaches are revealed that magnifies comprehension of time tested eternal truths. These revealed truths radically and permanently correct bad programming, inaccurate assumptions and inappropriate passions that have tended to stall progress and growth.



Physical scientist have been engaged in carefully controlled research and offer reliable data regarding these focused observations.  These scientific discoveries tend to be simply reinforcement of the revelations that the acient sages, prophets and biblical reporters disclosed thousands of years ago.

GSF presents the nexus between these two approaches to truth for the purpose of laying the axe to the erroneous roots of the stronghold addiction has held over its suffering captives.



Society has been terribly imposed upon by several inaccurate and contradictory information sources about what truly constitutes nutrition. Between the food manufacturers' efforts to mask the dangerous and addictive contents under the label of "healthy foods/snacks" and, many in the Weight Loss industries' quick fix quackery all to pad their respective bottom lines, who knows where to go to learn what "real nutrition actually is?

GSF uses Certified Sponsors who have demonstrated freedom from addiction to work in concert with the GSF Sponsee's medical professional to assure nutrition is sound and the right-sizing goals can be achieved perpetually sustained. No one can effectively consult and/or guide an individual through the journey to a right-sized body and mind like one who has been successful on this journey themselves. Text books are great but just don't cut through this cunning, baffling and powerful dilemma.

As GSF is a free support protocol.  It has no vested interest in perpetuating a prototcol that does not offer real and enduring, successful results.